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The high voltage test systems and components manufactured by Phenix Technologies are relied on around the world for their reliability and durability. Since 1975, Phenix has devoted detailed attention to designing and producing testing products under a rigorous quality control standard. This ensures that their products deliver results that end users can depend on.



Powermetrix offers top-in-class compact electric meter site testing solutions. Their innovative product line places a focus on both accuracy and ease-of-use, which helps deliver simple solutions to complex problems. Their lineup of products featuring intelligent user-friendly design, based on years of practical experience and supported by a dedication to customer care, has made Powermetrix one of the industry's foremost manufacturers.



Enetics, Inc. provides advanced monitoring and management tools that can be used to reliably and accurately collect and analyze energy data. Trusted worldwide for the quality of their products, the company designs, develops, manufactures and supplies monitoring equipment that can be used in even the most demanding of commercial, industrial or residential applications.


T&R Test Equipment Ltd

Trusted by customers world-wide, T&R Test Equipment Ltd. is the UK’s leading manufacturer of heavy current and high voltage electrical test equipment. Quality and reliability are of paramount importance to us, and our ISO9001 approval reflects this. Our broad product range includes relay test equipment, primary current injection systems, micro-ohmmeters, DC cable test sets and AC flash testers.