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We’re here to help you provide detailed and accurate electrical readings at each and every project you work with. Our resource section gives you access to in-depth tools that contain critical knowledge and information to help you safely and efficiently achieve your goals.


Explore a selection of our product lineup with these detailed informational videos and gain a better understanding of how each unit can be applied in the field to add value to your operations. These comprehensive videos give valuable insight into the user interface and functionality of each testing product so that you have all the information and confidence you need to make a purchase decision.

PowerMaster® 3 Series Handheld Integrated Meter Site Tester

The PowerMaster 3 Series handheld integrated meter site tester is an ultra compact field instrument with a true 3-phase analyzing reference standard that helps utility companies protect revenue, diagnose meter site errors under actual customer load conditions.

Software and Firmware Updates

Keep your electrical utility instruments current with regular software and firmware updates. Enjoy the benefit of added value as you add additional functionality to your Powermetrix and Phenix high voltage testing products.


Download and read the manufacturers manuals of any products distributed by Power Source Instruments at your own convenience. Whether for quick reference or for more thorough documentation procedures, you can find the information you need right at your fingertips.