Raising the Standard in Electric Meter Test Equipment.

The Model 335 is a revolutionary new electric meter test equipment accessory that complements the already versatile 3 Series. By utilizing a Model 335 with a 3 Series, the user will have the ability to perform phantom load meter testing up to 5A while implementing the new current harmonic waveforms from ANSI C12.20. In addition, this accessory will give the user the ability to perform a CT burden added test along with the 3 Series exclusive burden measurement test. Its compact size allows the 335, the 3 Series, and all standard accessories to be stored in the same carrying case. With the added functionality of the 335, the lightweight 3 Series is truly a step above.

  • Battery Powered Current Source – No VAC Required
  • CT Burden Added Testing
  • One Lightweight Package- Includes Storage of Cables and Probes